Monday, May 23, 2011


Picture 1

As u can see..this is X..
What's with X??nothing...It's just an alphabet...hehe..
X is the 24th letter that comes after W and before Y..

Picture 2
And this is??This is 5!!!
haha nothing much,just want to show u guys the picture of number 5..
Have u wonder if the above pictures (picture 1 and picture 2) been combined,how they will look like??Check the picture below..

KYAAAAA!!!!!!!!!It will be like this!!!!!!!!!!
OKEY I'm SUPER EXCITED...know why??
because X-5 is my number 1 fav group for now!!!!!!!!!!!!
They're just debuted on 22nd April 2011 at MUSIC BANK!!!
X-5 consists of 5 members which are GHUN(leader),TAEFUNG,HAEWON,ZIN and SULHU(maknae).
X is stands for XENOS which means 'allomorph stranger'....
This is from Greek words..
This is their first mini album..
It consists of 3 songs..
But my fav song is still the song that they're promoting right now..
= 쇼 하지마
My fav member sang the chorus!!!*jump,jump!!!*

OK,done with the story of the X and the 5~

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