Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet moments :D

Just want to post about sweet moments between BOYFRIEND members..
To be exact,the BOYFRIEND'S COUPLES :)
They're sooo close towards each other..
They care towards each other..aahhh just love to see those moments..

1st couple :)
(the leader and the maknae)

2nd couple :)

3rd couple :)

Apart from these,there's also some spot of love triangle between donghyun,minwoo n youngmin,,
How cuteeeee!!!

Seriously,I can see that every member shows their love openly to MINWOO..
maybe because he is the maknae in the group..
n Minwoo also got the looks of innocent little brother..
So the hyungs feel like caring towards him more :)
Love this maknae forever!!!!

ahhh Bonus...
gif from MBC MUSIC CORE 18th JUNE where the JO TWINS become the MCs..
they looked sooooo cute n seems like the jobs suits them well :)

ahhh n also the vids..
cut from MUSIC CORE
click the title below::

credit to

Birthday party......

"Happy birthday to u,Happy birthday to u,Happy birthday to CNU,Happy birthday to u!!!"

Yes!!! on 16th JUNE,B1A4's CNU celebrated his 21st birthday together with the fans..
This birthday celebration is the first celebration after the debut..
The lucky fans is the fans that being chosen through an event on the official fan cafe called ‘Secret Exchange 
of Telepathy with CNU'..
ahh I am soo jealous with the fans..
seriously,being an international fan is hard *sighed*

During the birthday party which was called ‘HAPPY CNUDAY’,the members played games with the fans to get closer to them and had various events too. In order to thank the fans who gathered to celebrate his birthday, CNU also prepared a meaningful special performance where he is wearing a suit!!!this is sooo the other side of him :)
The members also being over-excited with this birthday party.
some eyecandies from the party..
love to see Jinyoung and Gongchan :) =JINCHAN MOMENTS=

(u guys can see him in suit..hehe what do u think??? did it suits him??)

My wish for this birthday boy..
hope u always get healthy to give us the best entertainment..
hope B1A4 will get THE BEST ROOKIE this year..
hope u sing a lot in the future..
keep this image,love to see u like this..
hope to meet u in person one day,SHIN DONGWOO
Love u sooo much!!!! ❤ 

Other members moments::


P/S: looks like Gongchan is kissing Jinyoung's cheek!!!
WANNA SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

They Did it!!!!!!!

18th June...B1A4 1st stage for "ONLY LEARNED BAD THINGS"!!!!!
And as for me,that was a very,very awesome performance by them!!!!
they look sooo sweet with the grey+white outfit..
sometimes,they looks so matured..
n I feel like crying when listen to their sincere confession..
With the innocent looks and amazing vocal,they surely captivated most of the audience at MUSIC CORE's stage.
some gifs from 18th June performance..

He seems spacing out for a while but with his sweet voice... *melting*
love his bangle for today~black one with spike!!! :D
his sweet voice is precious and this is Jinyoung's strength..
As usual,Jinyoung didn't sweat at all hehehe..
aaahh I noticed that Jinyoung looks so energetic during this stage..
Love the last part,ending of this song with his sweet voice singing "saranghae neol saranghae"

Well I can see that he doesn't have a lot of part like "OK" but he's still sweating a lot??? LOL
CNU gave all of his might for this stage too..
n I adore his vocal in B1A4!!
His voice is strong and powerful but of course Sandeul is in the first place..
Love the way he said "B1A4" at the beginning :)

No one can beat him..This is Sandeul..
his voice is sooo powerful and his high notes,really made me feel goosebumps..
n on this stage,he got the most outstanding outfit as for me..
With a scarf around his neck..ahh our Sandeul looks soo matured :)
n the chorus part is all his!!!

Baro looks sooooo cool with the beanie on his head..
I thought he will take off his head-cover hehe..
but still suits for the concept..
Baro is naturally cute but he still acting cute!!towards the end of the song,
the same face expression as "OK" is still with Baro.. :DD
The highlight of his rap is "JASMINE"..

Honestly,I am shocked!
When just hearing the song,I didn't recognize his voice..
I thought it was Cnu's voice but when seeing the stage..OMG,that line is his part!!!
"Ja ije geuman ulja geuman ddok nunmul dakkja"!!!!
Our maknae looks so handsome today with his white cap??(whatever..hehe)
love to see his expression..
even this song is quite sad and more to serious mode but gongchan still showing his cuteness!
his smile~~~
but I love this serious Gongchan too...

Eager for their next stages for this follow up song..
From day to day,I love B1A4 more n more..
the members got the talents..