Saturday, May 21, 2011


SOme of them may didn't got the looks..but they got the VOICE..this is too precious!!!

Wheesung~I didn't really know anything bout him..but I know that he sang the "INSOMNIA" song~which is quite popular in 2009 I guess..Ahh kinda forgot bout that..During that time,I just enjoy the song without have any desire to know about him..
But when he did comeback in 2011 (this year),I started to give attention to him.His song,"HEARTSORE STORY" is a nice song..With the features of rapper YONG JUNHYUNG from BEAST,making this song becomes 'DAEBAK'..but,not all of these that attract me at first..I do attracted bcoz of HOYA's appearance!!!!dunnow why he kept featuring HOYA during his live stage!!!haha..
But,I do admit that his voice is totally great!!!that's Wheesung!!!

BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!omo!!!I am his fan!!since 2009 maybe??Love to c his dorkiness..yeahh he's quite annoying sometimes,quite over but dunnow why,I kept adoring him,I love his english!!He can speak very well!!!Wonder how if I can meet him someday*thinking~*..I really love his song,"MY GIRL" ::I love you baby nae nae naeyeoja:: sooo sweeetttt..
Once he did comeback this year with the song "LOVE,BUT IT'S OVER NOW" I was really,really excited!!I bet no one knows that I love BRIAN JOO!!!!!n I just love all the songs from his latest album..U guys should take ur time to hear them :)

LEE HYUN OPPA!!!!!!I adore his voice since he's being in 8eight..His voice is my preference..I remember,in 2009,8eight does promoting "WITHOUT A HEART",I always got my eyes,focusing at him.He may didn't got the looks but his voice is precious!!!
In 2011,he goes on solo with a nice song "YOU ARE THE BEST OF MY LIFE" and me,started to drown again into his voice!!I LOVE UR VOICE LEE HYUN OPPA!!!!!!!! this song becomes my favourite song up until now along with his new single.. "ALTHOUGH U SAID SO"..
Really hope that Lee Hyun will get a lot of success in his carrier..

The last one is my AHJUSSHI!!!!K.WILL!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously,I dunnow him b4 this..not at all!!until 2011!!yeahh I've just know him this year bcoz of his song "MY HEART IS BEATING" and also bcoz of the member of BOYFRIEND,MINWOO,DONGHYUN AND JO TWINS (JO KWANGMIN and JO YOUNGMIN) as the backup dancer :)
This song really catch my heart!!the lyrics is sweet and also K.WILL ahjusshi's voice is soooooo great!!I really,really love K.WILL's voice!!
But in his case,he got the looks too..Full packaged for my AHJUSSHI!!! *thumbs up*
Now I'm waiting for his new MV which featuring BOYFRIEND'S NO MINWOO in it!!!
Pliz K.WILL AHJUSSHI..release the MV faster~ *puppy eyes* hehehe..

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