Friday, May 27, 2011

Channie,don't cry....

See the picture??uwaaaaaaaa this is the B1A4's maknae,Gongchan~~~
I'm,I'm sooooooo heartbreaking when seeing him like this..
I felt like "Am I didn't give him enough of care n love??"
I felt guilty all of a sudden~
hahaha but this got nothing to do with me n also any other fans..
knows the reason???He's missing his family soooooooo much...
He even nagging that they haven't meet their family for long time n they have to wake up on 7 n practicing until midnite.. (aigoo maknae got a alot of nagging~~hehehe)
There's one other thing that showed the nagging Gongchan..
On 12th May 2011,The leader Jinyoung posted this picture..

The translation~
Jinyoung : Channie's in the middle of having an out-of-body experience..kekekeke..

Few minutes later,Gongchan is replying to him..
Gongchan : Hyung TT_TT,Did I do something wrong to Hyung??I even cooked Hyung's favourite food,spam,this morning.. TT_TT

AHHHHHH..he is complaining~~Isn't he is soooooo adorable??aigooo Gongchan~~
there's still a lot of drama from the above situation because after that sandeul,cnu n baro also joined but I will post the translation in another post.. :)
Gongchan is adorable n innocent so that's why his hyungs always like to tease him especially Sandeul..At first,I found that,it is sooo adorable to bully the innocent maknae..
but after seeing him crying..I feel like......."Sandeul,Jinyoung...u guys should give him a lot of attention..poor channie,he missed his family and he is quite lonely..."
The normal Gongchan gots a lot of aegyo..
just check out those pics below..he is surely happy-go-lucky~

But when seeing him like this??

I just want to say this to Gongchan,my innocent little brother..

This is what I really want to say to him..I want to say this sooo badly..
Listen Gongchan,many people loves u...
don't cry anymore oke??
n lastly,this is my wish for u,my 18 years old brother :P

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