Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finally,the CUBE family!!!!

This is also the ICON of the happy family in K-POP industry~~
the CUBE family..
CUBE entertainment seems quite well-known now because of the artists are sooo great and talented!!!
CUBE ent already produced 4 idols..3 in groups and 1 solo..
Let's get to know them~~

This is B2ST!!!!!!!! (pronounced as beast~)..
No need to explain a lot because B2ST IS THE BEST so everyone knows bout them :)

oke,my fav members :)

Then we got the girl's group,4MINUTE..
At first I didn't like them because they're like...urghhh..
but now,after they're comeback with "Heart to Heart" and "Mirror Mirror",they makes me addicted to them all of a sudden,plus,I'm fallen to the member's personality that is quite cool..
SO now,I think that they are good enough and suits to become part of CUBE family..
Consists of 5 members... JIHYUN(leader),GAYOON,JIYOON,HYUNA and SOHYUN..

my fav members???naaaahhh I'll post all the members individual pics then..
Nam Jihyun..(she is pretty)

Heo Gayoon~

Jeon Jiyoon..
she's cute!!like a fake maknae to me~

Kim Hyuna,the most gorgeous n SEXY one..

The maknae,Kwon Sohyun..(she got a glance of Dora the Explorer)

Done with 4minutes..n now let's take a look to this company's solo artist..
The artist is G.NA!!!!!
She used to be a backup dancer for Hyuna's solo activity during "CHANGE".
Ahh G.NA unnie is soo pretty~
Love her song "I'll back off so u can live" and "Black and White"

The latest one is the rookie A PINK!!!!
A PINK also under CUBE ent...They've just debuted and they have gained the popularity because the member often showed up in their sunbae's music video..
This rookie is daebak!!!
They really got talents n soooo innocent (for this time :P)

As expected,CUBE ent. had produced such a great idols...just look at BEAST..they're really famous~they're way more better day by day!!n I'm personally a b2uties~ :D
I'm bias towards CUBE..All of their artists are my favourites~ LOVE CUBE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IN THE CUBE!!!!FROM THE CUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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