Sunday, May 22, 2011

We're fangirls (^-^)

Situation 1::

This is the thing that fangirls frequently saying..I REALLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW..
When fangirls are alone or left behind,they will imagining the nice moment with their fav idol,wishing that their fav idol be with them..n end of this daydream,they will say this quotes!!This happen bcoz they are way too absorbed by the situation that they created :)

Situation 2::

Ahah,this really2 NORMAL things..When seeing our top bias,yeahh,sometimes the heartbeat become so fast!!!n also we will become over hyperactive then~Our top bias @ fav idol surely the greatest person bcoz can make us be someone else!!!!

Situation 3::

We're fangirls,really want our fav idols are real..Am I right??This is bcoz u will never see a real person in front of u as perfect as ur bias..Fangirls will think that,their top bias is a perfect man,can take care of them n can make them happy all the time..So this is why they hope that their fav idols is real right in front of their eyes.. :DD

Situation 4::

 Surely the fangirls want to scream at least one of these to their top bias:
=OPPA!!!u're sooo handsome!!!
=OPPA!!!I can't live without u!!!
err anything else??I don't really know bout the screaming things.. :DD
So dear fangirls..GO!!!scream as loud as u can!!!They can hear it!! hehe

Situation 5::
Sometimes,for fangirls,if they got the problems,they will 'spend time' with their bias..watching their vids,or listen to their songs..Some of them will 'talk' about their problem with their with this,at least,the burden will be lessen a bit and the fangirls are able to smile..They will able to give out a beautiful smile again so thanks to the LUCKY IDOL..(because can see the smile first~)

Situation 6::
HAHA they're just hoping that their bias will only look at them~But this is true,when we love someone,of course we just want that person knows that we are perfect for them.SO tell ur bias all the fangirls!!!Tell them that u're here for them!!so come to us!!!

Okay,okay..I'll stop here :) PEACE!!

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