Sunday, May 22, 2011

Da VoICe

"Wae neoye sumsoriga ggok jumuncheoreom deullilkka
Neol pihal giri eobseo eomeijinghan sarama"  

Knows who sang this part??This is the part from "OK by B1A4"...oke how bout this??

"jebal o jebal
jom deo nal jikyeobwajo 
nae noryeok ni mideum gu kkeuten hangbokhan isseo"

This part is the highlight in "ONLY LEARNED BAD THINGS-B1A4" oke try this one then...

"eonjena neoreul jikyeobwatjiman
oneul neoneun jeongmal yeppeo
Oh baby
jakku nae bari tteoreojiji anko
gominhamyeonseo ni juwieseo maemdolgo"
This part is from "BLING GIRL-B1A4"..I love his part in this song..SO did u guys got any clue who sang all the part that I've posted earlier??Still didn't got it??I used to recognize it bcoz I'm their number ONE fans!!!Err oke stop about me,back to the story..
Well I'll reveal that..All this part is being sang by CNU!!!!hehe..Knows him??These are a few picture of him..

What do u think bout him??as for me he's such a cutie!!!he's CUTE..too cute!!! the group..I bet he got the less fans??bcoz the other 4 member seems a bit more outstanding than him..
No matter what,as for me..I do love his voice..He is multitalented!!n he is the rapper that have the nice voice!!He is not the main vocal (since the main vocal is SANDEUL) but his voice is my preference!!His part in the songs are my fav part!! He's not my top bias but I'm getting melt bcoz of his voice..
CNU,keep on giving out ur nice voice..I'm looking forward towards ur voice!!!!!!!!

LOVE YA!!!LOVE B1A4!!!!! LET'S FLY!!!!!!

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