Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We're the leaders :O

A group..normally,needs a leader...yeah,I didn't say that a group without a leader,cannot achieve their goal..there are some groups that still can be successful without having a leader...for example~ 2PM???
I just want to share about those leaders...

See the image above??
Hahaha KPOP leaders are surely HOT..no offense...
these are a few leaders that are my biases,my 'bro-in-law',my eyecandies n others.. :)

Knows him??
This is B1A4's leader..Jung Jinyoung...
kyaaaaaaaaaa already took him as my hubby!!
he got a very sweet smile and a nice facial expression :)

Ahh this is N-Train's leader..
Jung Jungkyun..oke he's my top bias too.
His voice is DAEBAK!!!!

Junyoung oppa!!!missing him!!
This is Ze:a's leader...Moon Junyoung~

A newbie leader :P
U-Kiss's leader,Shin Soohyun..love u sooo much oppa~

Forever handsome n cool leader in my heart..
BEAST'S leader...Yoon Dujun..
Love u forever,Dujun-oppa~

Ahhhaaaa my most handsome brother-in-law..(already taken by my unni,aini unni~)
Ghun..X-5's leader...
So handsome!!!

The Boss's leader!!!
Mika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!missing DGNA sooo much~

This is the leader of new rookie group,Boyfriend..
Kim Donghyun...
He is 89's :)

Maeng Hanjun in black hair..
Touch's leader..
His voice is sweet~

Ft Island's leader..Choi Jonghun..

Wowww cool!!!
Teen Top's leader...C.A.P!!!

Another rookie...
Block B's leader..ZICO.. a.k.a Hello Kitty??hahaha

Infinity love....
Infinite's leader..Kim Sunggyu..

Childish leader....
SHINee's leader..Onew :)

I think that's all from me..I know there are another bunch of leader that I didn't mention in here...
A few boygroups and also girlgroups but I chose all of these leader to be put in here..
Choosing them by my interests :)
so excuse me if there are none of ur favourite leaders here..SORRY

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