Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet moments :D

Just want to post about sweet moments between BOYFRIEND members..
To be exact,the BOYFRIEND'S COUPLES :)
They're sooo close towards each other..
They care towards each other..aahhh just love to see those moments..

1st couple :)
(the leader and the maknae)

2nd couple :)

3rd couple :)

Apart from these,there's also some spot of love triangle between donghyun,minwoo n youngmin,,
How cuteeeee!!!

Seriously,I can see that every member shows their love openly to MINWOO..
maybe because he is the maknae in the group..
n Minwoo also got the looks of innocent little brother..
So the hyungs feel like caring towards him more :)
Love this maknae forever!!!!

ahhh Bonus...
gif from MBC MUSIC CORE 18th JUNE where the JO TWINS become the MCs..
they looked sooooo cute n seems like the jobs suits them well :)

ahhh n also the vids..
cut from MUSIC CORE
click the title below::

credit to

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