Thursday, December 29, 2011


Anyone knows him??of course!!he is my dentist oppa!!hahahaha
just want to share some info about this new member of LEDApple..
He is Hanbyul...he joined LEDApple as the replacement of jaehoon (former leader).,
at first,I was like.....can't accept the new member but when I dug about!!I am so impressed!!
know why???
because he entered a dentistry school!!!!n his english is amazing!!!!!
who cares that he already left the school but he fact is still there..he is BRILLIANT!!!!!
it is not easy to enter the dentistry school~I ever experienced that :(
This person is perfect!!just hearing his voice,making me goosebumps~
okay..below is his biodata~check that out~
ohh plus~HE GOT DIMPLE!!!SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Real Name: Jang Hanbyul (장한별) 
 Date of Birth: July 04,1990
 Height: 184 cm
 Weight: 60 Kg
 Blood type: A
 Birthplace: Brisbane,Australia
 Role: Main Voice 
Education: Queensland Univercity of Dentistry(Leave of Absence)
 Specialties: Voice impersonation,Exercise
Twitter : @hanjasjang


  1. He is the latest edition to LEDApple.
  2. Voted by the members to be the leader.
  3. Born/raised in Australia.
  4. Attended Dentistry school.
  5. Straight A student.
  6. Does not speak Korean fluently.
  7. He also goes by the name ‘Jason’ 

Okay,that's all :)

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