Saturday, December 31, 2011


Nothing much to say this time but just want to post about my one n only n lovely brother~ricky!!!!!hehehe
Yes he is RICKY~Our very own teen top's ricky...
Such a cute boy!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaa no matter what happened,I will never ever put ricky away~
NEVER!!!!even changjo now is getting handsome day by day..haha JOKE!!!
Just posting this to share something from the interview that Ricky had done..
so naughty my adik!!!aaaaa
b4 that~this is the very,very innocent boy :)

n now let's come to this...

Your Personality::
cheerful, kind, a pure kid who doesn’t know anything
(yes u're ricky but,PURE???hahahaha no u're not~lalala)
Number of times you’ve been confessed to::
hmm… none .bb 
(HAHA ricky pliz don't lie!!!!!errr I don't know what's the meaning by BB up there,hmmm)
Son vs. Daughter::
daughter, because my wife might get lonely when visiting a public bath.
What facial feature do you have confidence in::
(errrr I do remember,how ur eyes looked at me at KLIA before.... *faint* )
What musical instruments can you play::
drum…triangle, snare drum
(okay,I can play triangle too :P )
What do you want to try doing::
French kiss
(what the........with this FRENCH KISS?????RICKY!!!!!!!!!!!)
Your charm point::
I’m overflowing with them
(hahaha I know u well,so the answer is just as expected!!hahaha)
What do you want to do most right now::
(errr okay,u always got lots of love from this noona.. *poiting at myself* )

hyuuuu... *wiping sweat*
ricky made me laugh with his answers.....
well,another pics of him below... :)

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