Friday, July 8, 2011


I KNOW that I am late to post about's too late but,..huhu just for fun..
Last Wednesday,this show already on it's episode 3..
hehe I just being lazy so now I want to review for this show..
my top fav rookie :D
for those who didn't know about this show..continue reading :P
"‘Match Up’ is a ‘reality program’ that showcases the different styles of rookie idol groups, B1A4 and Block-B, and their charms""

this episode,focusing on new MV for both group
     B1A4,releases new MV for "ONLY LEARNED BAD THINGS" through this show.
BARO as the lead actor..this MV was about the relationship of a younger couple..the guy is a B-type n he treated his girlfriend the way he is..
The girl that played role as BARO's girlfriend is KIM WONHEE
This episode was all about making off the MV at the outside the studio.
Most interesting part,we can see them when they're waking up in this episode :) ahh every people seems going crazy too,Baro took off his cap~finally..

Episode 2 ::
once again,this episode was focusing on the MV making but inside the studio,the last part of the MV where BARO have to hug his girlfriend after prepared a surprise for her..
we can see that Jinyoung and Sandeul were being jealous at Baro.
Gongchan keep hugging his hyungs in this episode.Maknae's love~~CUTE!!
Jinyoung as the coffee maker,failed..auww poor him..hehe
ahhh Zico was chasing Jinyoung to snap a selca with the leader.
Episode 3::
They have an outing!!!they're so happy so they woke up so early..(no waking up scene)

Baro and Sandeul were getting hyper in the car,they kept singing along with the music..LOL
They played in the water..all of them were wet!!
They played some games too..guessing the answers n eating the watermelon.

NO one can expect that there was a hidden camera in this episode.
The leader set up the prank n acting like he was fainted but after a while,he laughed..How cheeky,Jinyoung~
can't wait for episode 4 to be aired this coming wednesday!!!


  1. OMGGGG,THEY'RE SO CUTE XD *nyahahah,i know i'm too late to comment in this entry xD

  2. IT's okay KIKI....hehe have u finished watching them????