Monday, March 26, 2012


So???what do u think of red????
I don't know why,I think I started to love red..
Ever since I know My J's fav colour..hihi
but the most think that shocked me so much,when I heard rumours that my leader turns to red.
I just can't imagine that at first,but when the spoiler pic came out..
I was screaming!!!take a look at this.

RED suits JINYOUNG well!!!!!aaaaaaa he looks so HANDSOME with red hair...
not cute or innocent but HANDSOME!!!!!
Then,us Bana no need to wait for his teaser pic after seeing this spoiler..we already drooling over jinyoung's new look..
A few days later.the teaser pic come out,well the reaction is as expected,everyone was praising him,aaaaaaaa my love!!!!!jinyoung!!!

With the light bulb in his hand :D 
Plus the flower and red hair,aaaaaaa this person is soooooo perfect!!!
This image suits his perfectness and calmness..
Jung jinyoung~wae u're so perfect..
Okay,now B1A4 is promoting baby i'm sorry on music shows and others..
I am so proud because....well banas,.did u know that our very own leader composing and producing that song???
Our leader is sooooo talented!!!!
well,so Red is HOT~

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  1. lame xnmpk ness update blog ni..this RED thing attracts,welcome to the club!leader sy pn suke merah!keke